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All Seasons Carpet Cleaning was formed in 1989 with one branch operating one truck.  We have grown to ten branches operating throughout Queensland and thirty trucks. 

At All Seasons Carpet Cleaning our goal is to achieve a level of service and quality, that no other carpet cleaner can match.

In order to achieve our goal we set ourselves standards of work, chemical quality and service standards.  We would like to explain some of these.

  • All work carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian standard AS3733.  These standards take into account Australian conditions, carpet manufacturing methods, chemical specifications etc.
  • Only the highest quality detergents and spotters are used. 

  • We use Australian made chemicals.  

  • All the detergents we use are low ph, non toxic and non-poisonous.

  • Sanitizing and deodorising are part of every clean, and are included at no charge.

  • Our equipment is the most up to date available.

  • The RD6 is our choice of extraction machine.  It is the most powerful portable machine on the market, and it is Australian made.

  • Warm water extraction is the method of cleaning used for corrective cleaning and periodical cleaning.

Method Of Clean:

Step 1.  We pre vacuum using a hospital grade hepa filter to remove dust mite skins and other lung damaging irritants to improve you and your families health.  This will also improve your indoor air quality.

Step 2.  All spots and stains that require treatment prior to cleaning will be treated.

Step 3.  All areas to be cleaned have a pre-spray of detergent, sanitizer and deodorant applied.  This is to ensure emulsification of soiling.  The use of pre-spray allows thorough  cleaning with a minimum of water and eliminates residue problems which can cause premature resoiling

Step 4.  Pre-spray shall be raked in with a carpet grooming rake to ensure maximum contact between pre-spray and soiling.

Step 5.  A thorough injection and extraction using warm water (50 deg. c to 80 deg. c) shall be made to remove emulsified soil and leave the carpets walk on dry, and dry within 1 to 4 hours.

We offer an after sales service of a VIP Spill.  This is for those accidental spills that can happen after the clean.  Free of charge.  We are the first and only company that offers this service.

We offer Teflon made by Dupont

Teflon dramatically reduces soil retention of carpets which saves time in your maintenance.

Teflon helps to reduce wear and tear this adds life to your carpet.

Teflon extends the period of time between professional cleans ensuring more value for your dollar.

All Seasons Carpet Cleaning are specialists in flood restoration work.

All branches are locally owned and operated...